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About Product

Are GreenTek Products Compostable?

Yes, GreenTek uses only biobased polymers and composites to make our products, which are inherently biodegradable. Earth Straws and Hemptensils are primary examples of our commercially compostable products, which are petroleum free and landfill safe(meaning no adverse impact is caused through disposal).

How long does it take for GreenTek Products to fully biodegrade?

Although Degradation time is based on product thickness and environment, typically, our products will degrade through aerobic digestion in 1-2 years.

Where/How can I compost GreenTek Products?

This List provides locations in your state that readily accept compostable materials. Additionally, click Home Composters to find a list of low cost home composting systems we'd recommend for the true sustainability warrior!

Are GreenTek Products FDA Approved?

Yes, as all GreenTek products are USDA Biobased and have only organic materials, all are FDA compliant and Food Safe

Are GreenTek Products BPI Certified

Every GreenTek product are developed from BPI certified, biobased materials. As a startup, we work to certify every new product with the relevant bodies to better serve the customer, not to enrich the governing agencies.

Where are GreenTek Products Grown/Made?

Our Team is fully domestic(USA). Our hemp, flax, cane and other plant bases are grown and processed in California, Colorado, and the Midwest and are shipped into our Long Beach CA manufacturing center where we mold, extrude and press our final goods.

What is Hemp Plastic?

Hemp Plastic covers the broad topic of biocomposite plastics. In many instances, this means reducing the percentage of virgin Petroleum Plastics by upcycling agricultural byproducts, such as hemp stalks/fiber that would have been burned or destroyed. Although many of these composites (such as Polypropylene-Hemp) are not biodegradable/compostable, this does have a positive impact on CO2 reduction. In GreenTek's case, only biobased and/or compostable materials are combined to make our Hemp Plastics. this means they have they added benefit of a shortened lifespan(no microplastics!) and Carbon Sink/Reduction.

Why Hemp?

Industrial Hemp is the non-psychoactive sibling of cannabis that is legal in all 50 states and 30 nations. High in fiber and seeds, it is excellent for consumer goods from rope to food, oil, and plastic. Hemp was often touted by the forefathers of this nation, as it improves soil, suppresses weeds, decreases outbreaks of insect and disease, all while absorbing more carbon from the air than any other crop. In 2019 alone, over 195 million pounds of hemp stalks were produced in America, four times as much as the year before—and that is steadily increasing. However, once the fiber and seeds are extracted, the remnants are largely burnt off or left to rot, diminishing the benefit of the harvest. By repurposing these stalks for petroleum free plastics, GreenTek™ is reducing waste, and increasing sustainability, while returning value to American farmers and businesses.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is the often confused sibling of Marijuana--non psychoactive, far more like flax, tall grass, or even bamboo. When grown in this way, it has multiple purposes, such as nutritional(oils, seeds...), sartorial(clothing, textiles...) or that of construction(hempcrete, rope, plastics). Typically, when the primary purpose has been harvested, remnants like the stalks and leaves are left to rot or burned for disposal. These materials represent a majority of the weight of the harvest however, and by repurposing them, farmers can earn more money per acre and society can benefit from low cost commodities that reduce climate change

About GreenTek

What is GreenTek's Mission

Greentek goal is to provide high quality eco-friendly disposable tableware at affordable prices without compromising performance. Environmental sustainability is at the very heart of our business and for this reason, we are dedicated to ongoing research into the latest Green technologies. Our dedication towards maintaining environmental sustainability ensures our products remain at the forefront of the latest green products, enabling us to offer the very best in biodegradable and compostable tableware. By choosing Hemptensils™ you are doing your share to protect the environment, and to benefit the generations to follow.


How are GreenTek Products better for the Planet?

Along production, GreenTek Products require 2/3 the amount of energy and water required to make a petroleum-based alternative. This is because of the lower melting point of our raw material which also emmits 2/3 less CO2 emissions when injection molding. After disposal, our plant-based formula will completely biodegrade within 10 years (or within 1 year in an industrial compost facility)

How do GreenTek products have a lower carbon footprint?

Due to Hemp's amazing ability to absorb significant amounts of CO2 right out the atmosphere, each GreenTek product offsets it's own weight in CO2 emmissions.

What's in it for me?

1. Safety: GreenTek Products are BPA free. our plastics are BPA-free, a toxic hormone-disrupting chemical found in many plastic products. They are also free of phthalates, PC and PBDE. And our paper pulp is naturally white so it’s unbleached and chlorine-free. Our products are also wheat-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Good for all but especially those with allergies.
2. Durability: GreenTek Products are built from natural fibers and polymers built to endure soaking or chewing. Hemp is one of the strongest plants in the world after all.
3. Peace of Mind: Better for your family and the planet.

Customer Service

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay.


Where do you ship?

In order to minimize our footprint, we mainly ship only to the North American Continent. However we are interested in spreading this technology to other nations seeking solutions. Contact Us for more information.